VENDE / 2012

In series "Vende" the post-crisis landscape In Portugal has been investigated. After the burst of the bubble in the real estate business the landscape is dotted with unfinished construction objects, half-finished private houses and unused land. The objects marked with “For Sale” notices are one of the most obvious consequences of crisis in landscape. 

I refer to two themes, which I find important - landscape as culture-geographic phenomena, and a sign as a symbol of consumerism. These two elements interacting, turns landscape into an evidence of an impact, which this century has on the environment. I'm interested in relations among landscape and a sign; about how the perception of space changes, if certain elements are suddenly added to it.  Landscape is created both by nature and society; it's a product, which emerges, then a human being, using his senses, adds a meaning to the combinations of certain elements in the space. Landscape visualises the development of society, and preserves the evidences of the diverse usage of land.

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Vende / 2012

design HOFMAN